A Little History

Yo Adrian Walker has been a long time staple of entertainment in Old Orchard Beach Maine for 33 years working the venue at the end of the Pier at the Pier Patio Pub. He also works upstairs

at The Top of the Pier and at the front of the Pier at Hooligans. He has a large following in the New England area and does gigs up and down the East Coast when he travels up to Maine from Key West every summer and back. He also used to play with a band called Sons of the Beach for just as long. They no longer perform at the Brunswick Hotel patio in the summer months with other top end musicians he had been playing with for 33 years.In key West he has worked on the 200 block of Duval Street for the last 24 years bringing laughter to many as they come from all points of the globe to the small island. He has been working at Ricks on Duval Street for 17 years now.His wacky off the cuff and somewhat salty humor wins the hearts of the toughest of customers , who by the end of his shows come up to shake his hand thanking him for the laughs and gut busters he's provided.